Blessed Are The Dead That The Rain Falls On

by Shallow Graves

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released May 31, 2016

Shallow Graves is..

Daniel Redmond
Martin Gil
Edward Beefshank
Tyler Donnelly

Recorded by Zak Gibson



all rights reserved


Shallow Graves Illinois

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Track Name: The Slow Death Of All Your Friends
Bury me
With these blisters on my feet
Carry me
I need a home without defeat
You can't smell your own stench
Two steps forward
(Three steps back)
Round and round I spin I never win I never win
round and round we spin with feet of lead and wings of tin
All my hero's have given up
Sedated or sober
Piss away
It's over
You or me
I can't see past my out stretched hands
Bury me With these blisters on my feet
Carry me I need a home without defeat
Round and round we spin with feet of lead and wings of tin
Track Name: Rats Bathed In Lavender
They want misery from me
For the rest of my life
Love turns to rust in my hands
It gets to my head
I'm not good enough for me
Somethings weren't meant to be
Love turns to rust in my hands
This coward I am
My body dies in spite of me
Buried, I dont grow
When it rains it pours
Hurry up and wait
Why do i keep pulling out my teeth
Dine with rats
bathed in lavender
Vomit up very ounce of pride left in me
We're not who we claim to be
Dine with rats
I'll die like rats
Track Name: The Dream Of The Disembodied Birds
Watch me decay like my father's before me
You're not above or below me.
I imagined all my bones collapsing at the sight of you.
Ashes in your hair
I've never seen such lonely eyes.
Listening to jazz in your room
I want the truth from you
Tell me how you see you
Surrounded by many and still feel empty
Denial is easy if denial is all you know
Track Name: One Dead Fingernail (Suffer In Silence)
I want to speak up but I'm the disease of silence instead. 4x
This is me rattling the cages of the ones I love
But nothing ever goes the way I want
And change finds a way to mess it up
Yeah fine
Yeah okay
Life is short
Die disappointed
You can find me floating face down
at the Bottom of a holy well
Too caught up to fight
I fell into myself
I want to be free
I want a jazz funeral
I want to live without knots in my back
I won't let your love under my skin
zero at the bone
and lusting for love
What isn't watered down
tastes like sulfer
When I breathe my last breath
Cardinals fly out of my chest
Think outside your coffin